Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee in 2010 , Ladies & Gentlemen Studio's playful explorations in materiality blend their resourceful curiosity with the desire to find ideal pairings of material and function.

The Studio's open, multidisciplinary approach to design yields an ever-evolving set of ideas and experiments fed by inspiration collected from their everyday discoveries, explorations, and surroundings. 

From these experiments, L&G creates a diverse set of products from small objects, to jewelry, to furniture, lighting, and beyond. 

All of their products are built with care in the United States.  View the full L&G collections here!!


(Portrait by the visionary Charlie Schuck)


L&G origins: Jean and Dylan met in 2002 while studying Industrial Design at the University of Washington. Their studies also took them to Rome and travels throughout Italy and France. Following school, Jean pursued softgoods design and production with R.E.load Baggage, then became a partner in R&L goods, a producer of softgoods accessories and clothing. Dylan followed up his learning years with professional work at General Assembly and Henrybuilt designing and engineering products. All the while, Jean & Dylan collected goodies of wonderment that eventually led them to open an online vintage shop to share their finds with like-minded folks. J & D couldn't help but keep their creative mitts off the vintage goods they were selling and soon developed a set of studio originals that repurpose and embellish vintage objects. They also began a blog collaging their observations living with their found treasures.

In their times not fixated on L&G design tasks, Jean & Dylan spend time contributing to JOIN Design Seattle and Brite Collective, organizations with the mission to promote and advance independent design in the northwest. They also enjoy working on their home (a mid-century duplex in the Ballard area of Seattle bought with two other friends), gardening, and cooking. If things ever manage to settle down enough, their passion for traveling keeps them on the move...always up for getting inspiration from the unique character of a new place.  

What L&G Loves:

Vintage things & books / Old utilitarian tools / Material or color swatch samples of all sorts / Findings from nature / Open shelves to display all those collections listed above / Spontaneous (late night) brainstorming / Collaborations / Home cooked meals / Picnics / Constant playing,  exploring, and experimenting / Staying up late and sleeping in (Jean)  / Waking up and going to bed early (Dylan) / Visiting new places, spaces, and meeting new lovely faces!

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